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Bắt tội phạm ma túy có lệnh truy nã

Morning 22-8, 677 border posts, the Border Guard Army Command coordinated Kon Tum Ngoc Hoi district police arrested Nguyen Thanh Trung emergency hiding in the region Bo Y International Border

Material evidence obtained as a kit drug use, a set of keys and some packet VAM white powder suspected to be drugs stones. China is being the object of Quang Nam Provincial Police arrest on charges of theft of property.

Earlier, on the same day at 8 pm, CSDT drug Kon Tum City Police discovered Nguyen Ngoc Toan (DTU temporary ward, Kon Tum City) have expressed doubts. Through testing, Complete package concealed white powder in the bottom of the right foot. Police continue to search in the whole place, capturing a local white solid, which was declared All drugs purchased for use.

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